1. CTEL, Centre for Technology Enabled Learning, is the initiative of IACM SmartLearn Ltd, that will promote the use of technology enabled learning where students can learn at their own pace, test the understanding of the lecture and collaborate with peers and faculty for experiential learning using blogs, chat rooms etc.
  2. The IACM SmartLearn Ltd. is not a University under the UGC Act nor accredited with AICTE.
  3. IACM delivers the course/programs through Video Lectures hosted at CTEL for the qualifications offered by the respective University, Directorate of Distance Education, which awards the recognized Degrees/ Diplomas as per its norms.
  4. Admission to the University programmes is strictly as per University norms. If, for any reasons University admission is refused the student, the refund of the fees will happen as per University norms only.
  5. Course/ Programme contents may undergo change as per University requirements or due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, the duration of any Course / programme may be delayed, extended or compressed due to unforeseen circumstances.
  6. 6. For certain project work, students may have to arrange live project internship with industry / trade/ other institutes and use their facilities. IACM may provide advisory assistance in the matter.
  7. Fees are subject to revision as per exigencies of the circumstances.
  8. While all assistance will be provided to the students to obtain suitable placemats, IACM can’t, guarantee placements.
  9. Students have to apply to the University, for the programs they opt for and will have to adhere to the academic and non academic requirements of the university.
  10. In order to be eligible for the degree/ diploma examinations of the University, the students must complete the attendance requirements as prescribed by the University. In the case of online education, the viewing hours of the video lectures will be considered as the Personal Contact Programme attendance required for Compulsory Personal Contact Programme.
  11. Students will be required to appear in the examinations conducted by the University at various centers to qualify for the Degree/post graduation and score the minimum pass percentage as per University norms.
  12. The entire examination process from the stage of fixing of examiners, preparation of question papers, conduct of examinations, valuation, publication of results and issuance of Diploma/Degree will be at sole discretion of the University and IACM will have no responsibility towards that besides providing administrative/counseling assistance, if required.
  13. The students will have to complete the examination application form dully filled in and accompanied with the requisite fee by way of demand draft in favour of Controller of Examinations, Annamalai University, or as prescribed in the Prospectus or announced by the University.
  14. Students will abide by all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions applicable now or later as announced by the University or IACM through their Prospectus, website or by any means of communication.
  15. Examination centers will be announced by university at their sole discretion. If any students is unable to appear for the examination centers announced by the university or fails to clear the examination, he may retake the course in which he could not appear or has failed to clear by paying the additional fee for course module as may be prescribed by IACM from time to time.
  16. Students will be upgraded to the subsequent semester/year only after the complete assessment of the semester/academic year by University. However, as per University norms under Distance Education, he may apply for the next semester/year.
  17. The Login usage might be restricted or remain non-available during the admission period and shall be opened for viewing as per dates announced by IACM after completion of enrollment process and admission approval from the University.