Effective business communication is crucial for your success. Poor communication, despite being full of technical or product knowledge is not only frustrating on a personal level, but has the potential of causing huge career opportunity losses.

How you talk, write, or listen, could be affecting your job performance, promotion status, your chances of a pay raise or chances of getting through a job interview.

Certificate in Business Communication emphasizes on understanding & learning these critical aspects from a renowned and experienced faculty with training experience of 3000 managers and executives with enhanced measurable results.

You Will Learn

  • Soft skills, their management and different types of communication
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Skills
  • Effective Speeches and Presentation
  • Workplace environment, personal time and stress management
  • Resume Preparation and appearing for job interviews.

Lecture Duration: 4:13 hrs

Total Lectures: 20

Access Time: 3 months (from the start of the course)

Course Reviews

Business Communication Program from CTEL

All the programs under CTEL umbrella are offered as 100% on-line programs. At CTEL, the video lectures simulate the virtual class learning environments, where one will not only become self-organized and direct the learning but also have the learning from renowned and experience faculty with 30+ years of teaching / industry experience.

Panacea eBiz Consulting Group also manages and owns a pre-hiring assessment portal – erekrut.panaceaebizz.com which will help CTEL students to find qualitative career opportunities with companies across.

CTEL Edge:

  • 24 x 7 access to video lectures for extra learning
  • Most reasonable fee structure as compared to other business communication programs offered online
  • Award of Certificate of Excellence upon completion of video lectures
  • Career opportunities at erekrut.panaceaebizz.com
  • 3 months access to complete your program

Welcome to Ctel.

CTEL, Centre for Technology Enabled Learning, is the new initiative of Panacea eBiz Consulting Group, founded by Ravinder Goyal, a veteran in education & skilling with 27+ years of experience. The programs under CTEL are conceived based on a vision of social upliftment of the society by imparting world class education and skills to students at an affordable fees structure to enable them to compete for well-paid jobs in a highly competitive environment.

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