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Centre for Technology Enabled Learning, (hereinafter referred as CTEL), is the initiative of Panacea eBiz Consulting Group, established in Delhi, India (hereinafter referred as PANACEA).

Any personal information provided by YOU at CTEL shall be used CTEL that includes PANACEA, its associates, its heirs, its employees, its portals or other such services/products offered by PANACEA, to inform their offering of other products or for other promotional purposes. We do not sell your data to any outside company or vendor. Panacea doesn’t save any information related to your Credit/Debit Cards or any other mean YOU used to pay online or offline beyond what is required by the law of the land. For payment related information, you must read Terms & Conditions & Privacy policy of the Payment Gateway used for making the payments.

Despite taking adequate security measures, as best known to our team and service providers, we still believe there is nothing that can guarantee the 100% security of your data and information. We care your privacy and expect YOU to notify us should there be any compromise or unauthorised access of your account or data at security@ctel-india(dot)com

Welcome to Ctel.

CTEL, Centre for Technology Enabled Learning, is the new initiative of Panacea eBiz Consulting Group, founded by Ravinder Goyal, a veteran in education & skilling with 27+ years of experience. The programs under CTEL are conceived based on a vision of social upliftment of the society by imparting world class education and skills to students at an affordable fees structure to enable them to compete for well-paid jobs in a highly competitive environment.

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