Dear Student, Welcome to CTEL online academy. Hope that you must have read the contents of this program and understand that Effective business communication is crucial for your success. Poor communication, despite being full of technical or product knowledge is not only frustrating on a personal level, but has the potential of causing huge career opportunity losses. How you talk, write, or listen, could be affecting your job performance, promotion status, your chances of a pay raise or chances of getting through a job interview. All the concepts are explained in eloquent language and are presented in a live classroom environment. You will be required to mark the Unit Complete to move to next unit. You may skip some of the videos; however it is advised to take the maximum benefits by going through each video. Please go through the instructions carefully before you start your course, as given below:

  • You have 3 months access for this program. Despite that you have finished and you certificate is generated, you can still access the program videos for 3 months from the date of enrollment.
  • This program is customised for Gurukul Degree College and hence one examination is associated with this Program.
  • Once you complete all the videos, you will be required to complete the assessment attached with the program.
  • Once assessment is completed and you pass the assessment, you will be required to click the <Finish Course Button>. Once the course is submitted, you will receive your Certificate.
  • Your Profile Name will be printed on the Certificate.
  • You may send your queries, if any, at

Wish you best of luck in your program, CTEL Academic Team!

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    Welcome to Ctel.

    CTEL, Centre for Technology Enabled Learning, is the new initiative of Panacea eBiz Consulting Group, founded by Ravinder Goyal, a veteran in education & skilling with 27+ years of experience. The programs under CTEL are conceived based on a vision of social upliftment of the society by imparting world class education and skills to students at an affordable fees structure to enable them to compete for well-paid jobs in a highly competitive environment.

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